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Homeless people share their life stories: Rebecca, Andrew, Jazmin, Elle, Melissa and sk8r rat.
Homeless Children

Running Away - Where 2 turn
4 help b4 u r Homeless

This is for anyone aged up to 13 years old
who is thinking about running away

  [left] 9yr old homeless boy                                         Dominic [right]

Dominic Mapstone

Hi my name is Dominic,

I help runaways and homeless people in Sydney Australia but this is for anyone aged up to 13 years old who is thinking about running away or would like to know more about homelessness.

HomelessI know you have a very good reason for wanting to runaway.

The Top 10 reasons why other kids have run away are:

  1. Kicked out - Mostly the reason why kids leave home isn't because they 'runaway,' it is because they get kicked out.
  2. Sexual Abuse - someone in your house is made to do sexual things, maybe you.
  3. Violence - someone in your house gets hurt a lot, maybe you.
  4. Alcohol or Drugs - someone in your house drinks alcohol lots or uses drugs to get high.
  5. Verbal Abuse - people yell or scream at you all the time.
  6. Neglect - you don't get basic stuff other kids do, like food or it may be as if you aren't even there and no one cares about you.
  7. Crime - someone in your house does crime like stealing from people or beating them up.
  8. Stress - someone is always on your case putting pressure on you to do something all the time like cleaning up or doing your homework.
  9. School - you get bullied at school and can't put up with it anymore or you get in really big trouble at school and just can't go home because of what might happen when your parents find out.
  10. Someone is Gone - this could be because they died, or your patents get divorced or separated. It also could be an older brother or sister moved out of home.

Everyone is different! These are some reasons, but everyone has their own reason.

All these things are bad and you should do something about it. But running away can be worse!

What you can do:

There are two kinds of adults / grown ups who can make things better:

  1. Someone you know and trust (examples are: a teacher, school guidance officer, an auntie or uncle, grandparents or someone you know from the neighbourhood). How to get them to help: ask to talk to them about a secret away from anyone else. Tell them what is happening and ask for their help.
  2. Someone whose job is to help kids like you (examples are: police, telephone help lines, child welfare workers). How to get them to help: the good thing about asking these people for help is they are on your side! It is their job to protect you and help you be safe and happy. Most of the time it is free to phone a help line or the police; you just have to find out what number to call.
  3. Ask in the Forum for Advice: You can ask in the Homeless Forum where streetkids and homeless people as well as Social Workers can answer your questions or just have a chat: Homeless Forum

Here are the best phone numbers to call around the world:

They are Confidential - which means they won't tell anyone about your call unless you want them to talk to somebody for you, or you are in danger.

They are open 24 Hours - it doesn't matter what time you call them, there will always be someone there. Sometimes the line is busy, you just have to call back again.

Homeless Shelters

What number to call:

Get a pen and paper when you call them:

As they may have another phone number or other stuff you want to write down.



Phone Number

AustraliaKids Help Line1800 55 1800
BelgiumKinder en Jongeren Telefoon078/15 14 13
CanadaKids Help Phone
Jeunesse, J'coute
Hong KongYouth Outreach852-9088-1023
IsraelYouth Help Line1800-654-111
ItalyTelefono AzzurroRosa030/226363 - 2420845
FinlandYouth Crisis Point09 753 5121
NetherlandsHotline for Kids in Trouble(+31) 06-0432
New ZealandYouthline0800 376-633
Northern IrelandChildLine 0800 1111
South AfricaChildline08000 55555
United KingdomChildLine0800 1111
United StatesNational Swithchboard1-800-621-4000

If you are going to run away, the best place to go is to a friend's house. Forget living on the street it is horrible! Maybe even worse than how things are at home.

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[above] some of the places homeless people sleep - YUK!