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Homeless people share their life stories: Rebecca, Andrew, Elle and Melissa.

Homeless Children

Homeless Children

Beyond the homeless myth, discover the life stories of homeless children as they confide in those who know them for who they are (each story is shared with love ~ and permission).

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Stories about Homeless Children

Runaways - if you are thinking about running away please read this.

We are often asked: What is the reason they have for being homeless, especially homeless children why do they live on the streets? Also people often ask how young do you see them?

Typically 13 is the age most leave home. I've come to believe that this age has something to do with their sense of self developing to a point that they can fathom leaving their family of origin and standing on their own two feet.

If a child does become homeless before the age of 15, in almost every case it is because of sexual or violent abuse. The child leaves because it is safer for them to live on the streets than to live at home. We have seen them much younger, 9 or 10 usually is the youngest though Gish was first homeless at age 6.






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