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The Way, The Truth, The Life (John 14:6)

You are the Way.
You are the bridge between earth and heaven
between the smallness of self
and the greatness of God.
You are the path we follow
and can never lose
because it lies in our hearts.
You are the mountain, the valley,
the rough and the smooth
You are all points of the compass.
Whoever or where ever we are,
you hold your journey in ours.

You are the Truth.
You have planted your truth within us,
the same truth for all people.
Each of us is a different container
and we wrap you in different ways
according to our culture
and our customs of worship,
be in our diversity
you are our common language
and when we meet you in each other
there is recognition and rejoicing,
for truth always knows truth.

You are the Life.
and there is no life without you
for you are the substance
and breath of all things.
Your life grows within and around us,
the movement of sap in our seasons,
the ebb and flow of our tides.
You are the living
and the knowing of living
which we carry with us
through the doorway of death.

You who are the Way
the Truth and the Life,
gift us with the vision
to always see you in all things.

Author Unknown

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