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One night, as I brought down a large gallon jug of hot split pea soup and set it down on the cement block near the heating vent where the homeless gathered, a rather rough looking fellow picked up the jar of soup and in one motion broke that jar over my head…

Instead of running away, I asked the man why he had done that. These were probably the first words I had ever spoken to any of them.

He told me that I was doing nothing more than bringing food, setting it down like I was feeding them out of a pet dish and then just walking away. He said "Talk to us. Visit with us. We won't bite."

What happened that night was the first barrier had been broken in my perceptions of who homeless people are. I realised that these men and women on the streets had feelings just like me.

They wanted to be loved and respected and listened to. They cared that someone cared about them, but just giving food and a blanket was not enough.

Michael Kirwan

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