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A Christian pilgrim is someone who is rooted in the Lord, who doesn't have a lot of possessions or the same group of people to fall back on consistently throughout the journey.

What keeps the pilgrim going is a sense of hope based on the experience of God who has delivered and mediated life to her in the past and has promised to be with her in the insecurities and unknowns of the journey.

A pilgrim does not have a road map or itinerary to guide her, so it is important for her to listen with reverence to the people and events of her life, so that she will not miss the new ways in which God will provide for her.

Thus the pilgrim must have the ability to read her world well; to be able to look deeply into the people and events of her life and experience the voice of God speaking.

This takes more than human insightfulness and awareness, it takes a spiritual intuition which has been sharpened and refined by prayerful reflection.

Like Samuel, we need to be persistent and keenly listen and respond to the voice of God, though at times we may not be sure of where it is coming from.

Author Unknown


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