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Youth Ministry Resources - Palm Sunday

Year A: Matt 26:14-27:66 - Palm Sunday of the Lord's Passion, The Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ

It seems that it does not matter how often we hear the passion of Jesus the Christ read, it touches the very core of our being. We live in a violent world, our media overflows with stories of grossly inhuman acts, perpetrated too frequently against innocent people. Yes we are horrified again and again, and so we should be, because we should never become immune or impervious to the horror of violence. You might recall some of the criticisms made against The Passion of Christ, the film released last year and re-released this year with less violence. This film impacted on a large number of people and a number came back to the Church as a result. The violence and betrayal we hear this weekend, is directed, not only at an innocent man, but at the Son of God who came so that we "might have peace, a peace the world cannot give." We have been preparing some children for the Sacrament of Penance and one of the boys was surprised to hear that murder is a sin. Even at 7 he has seen any number of murders on television, video games and the cinema. It is vital that we provide our children with role models who teach us peace and good relationships and we can have no better role model than Jesus. Because of the amount of violence in our world, we can, as adults, be unaware of the creeping influence of violence and violent behaviour. Some of the obvious areas are an increase in violent crimes, of elderly people being viciously attacked for a few dollars, of homeless people victimised or highly inebriated people killed for a pair of shoes. We may well say that we would never be violent, but look at the increase in 'road rage', of 'shoving' past people to get what we want, and of the violence in our language. There has been a marked increase in the level of aggression between people, demeaning behaviour in church car parks and personal attacks on other parishioners. Abusive behaviour is violence. Sometimes jealousy can lead us to strip a person bare of their respectability. "I was naked and you clothed me." As the Body of Christ, we are called to be people of peace in a violent world. We are to be peace makers in our workplace, in our homes, in our community, in our parish. We are called and anointed through our Baptism to be priest, prophet and king, so "go in peace to love and serve the world."

Cate Mapstone

YOUTH ANGLE: "He who has dipped his hand in the dish with me, will betray me."

[Betrayal : 1a. To give aid or information to an enemy of; b. To violate trust 2. To be false or disloyal 3. To divulge in a breach of confidence.] Betrayal is something many of us have experienced. When we are betrayed there is hurt, anger and confusion. Why did she do that? Why did he say that? Did he have to tell him that? What have I ever done to her? I trusted him and that's why I told him those things. Though Jesus knew that he would be betrayed, he was still very human - and must have felt this pain too. Judas who betrayed him was a close friend - in his inner circle. Someone he trusted and cared for. But let's not get caught in judging Judas. Because we are all capable of betraying too. He dipped his hand in the dish with Jesus - he shared food, time and community with Jesus and still betrayed him. What about us? We share food with him - the Eucharist. We share time with him - we're at mass right now. We share community with him - the parish family and groups we are a part of. But still we betray him. Each time that we betray anyone else, violate their trust, are false, gossip, tell lies and break the confidence of someone - we are betraying Jesus too.

Manuela Macri

Year C: Passion Sunday

There is an abundance of Scripture today for us to reflect on during the week. We also have a full week ahead of us where the truths of our faith are recognised through liturgies than can transform our lives. We will also have the opportunity to welcome many people who want to celebrate these important liturgies with us. I readily tell anyone who will listen how welcoming the community is at Rosalie, so don't forget to bring your smile with you and share your favourite pew. There must have been a great number of smiles during the procession by Jesus into Jerusalem. Imagine the excitement and delight of the disciples as they acclaimed Jesus as their messianic King who was rightfully taking possession of David's city. By comparison, the only poor experience we can have as Australians might be the adulation so freely given to sporting heroes. They are paraded through our streets when they win medals and help Australians feel good about themselves. The Pope has rightly warned the Australian Bishops during their recent visit to Rome that the Australian society has become too secular. The reality of the situation calls for more than the Bishops to make this their concern. It is our responsibility as much as anyone else. Do we know the people in our street? Do we know who are Catholics? Do we make any effort to reach out to them? Perhaps we can pass on the mass times for Holy Week. Perhaps we can put the parish newsletter in their letterbox. Perhaps we can find out if they have any needs. Perhaps just a friendly visit is enough to remind them that you might be a special person who can reach out because you practise your faith. Remember that St Francis of Assisi encouraged his followers to go and preach the Gospel, using words only when necessary. As Catholics we have good news for the Australian society that makes gold medals and false starts in the pool, fade into insignificance. Go in peace to love and serve the Lord.

Cate Mapstone

Youth Ministry Resources Passion Sunday
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Youth Ministry Resources Passion Sunday