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My Story ~ My Tapestry

I write my life's story
with every breath, every step
every motion, every moment, every day.

I write it through good times,
through bad times and sad times.

I weave my journey's thread over the earth I walk on,
in the midst of all I touch, into the experience of others;
sometimes in silent harmony, sometimes with disruptive shouts,
always mingling, meeting, being with,
walking by, coming to and going on.

These encounters in my story,
woven tapestries and shared experience,
reveal the mystery of my becoming,
where my life blends with others'
and they share in writing my story
as I share in fashioning theirs.

As I turn the pages of my years,
my story thickens, stretches,
and I give myself a history.

At times, the pace is fast
and events flow into one another,
capturing moving moments of myself.

Other times my story slows
and drifts tediously from day to day,
the signs of lifelessness obscure.

Some pages are deep and dark,
extended probing into my heart
where I pace slowly in reflection
and meet my inner self.

It is all of me,
and it's the story of my life unfolding,
creating the history that is me.

Author Unknown

For all that had been... thanks!

For all that will be... yes!


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