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Litany for the Journey

How beautiful are the feet of those...

Who walk with a sense of purpose and reality
Who walk unafraid to be challenged and to change
Who walk with an understanding of people and an open faith
Who have the courage to tread unknown paths

How beautiful are the lips of those...

Who speak aloud the Gospel of Justice: The gospel of the poor
Who question deeply why poverty exists and why there are poor
Who dare to choose imagination and live creatively our Kingdom partnership

How beautiful are the feet of those...

Who have the courage to walk through darkness asking questions about human rights
Who are to be compassionate leaders - inclusive of the poor and understanding of them
Who are willing to enter into humble partnership, open to the question "Can we deliver humbly to the outsider?"
Who know that we can do it together

How beautiful are the lips of those...

Who proclaim aloud that the Church must never hesitate to be the voice of those who have no voice
Who recognize the voiceless in our land... the sound of all our people who are dispossessed
Who give hope to the frightened when they are frightened themselves
Who celebrate the goodness of the human person in every race and colour and walk of life

How beautiful are the feet of those...

Who walk in compassionate love
Whose way proclaims a spirituality of action
Who walk a partnership of justice, peace, love and friendship... creating the Kingdom here and now
Who know that because this is sacred, each step we take is holy

Author Unknown

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In Christ's love we strive to:
Accept their individuality,
Believe in their worth,
Hope for their future, and
Love them where they are.