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Hospitality is an ancient virtue; an expression of love involving an attitude of openness to others, a sharing of food, of home, of self - and being gracious in allowing others to share things with us.

Hospitality doesn't require a lot of money, a big house, perfect health, or even unlimited time. It does require consideration for others.

Hospitality is as close as a smile and as accepting as an embrace. It is sharing: a moment of time, a cup of tea - or a complete meal, a friendly smile, a hug or handshake, a place to rest, a welcoming word, an idea, a conversation.

Hospitality has a ripple effect. When we're hospitable… we build homes where children grow in self-confidence and learn to accept others, because they themselves feel welcome and accepted; we establish neighbourhoods where lives are enriched because people care for one another; we begin to create a world where individuals see others as brothers and sisters and not as strangers and adversaries.

To practice hospitality is to recognise that our possessions are gifts from God, meant to be shared. To practice hospitality is to do what God asks of us.

Author Unknown


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