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Youth Ministry Resources - Christmas - The Holy Family

Mt 2:13-15 - Christmas - The Holy Family

This Sunday's feast of the Holy Family offers something for all of us. Sometimes the Holy Family can be so idealised that they appear perfect and far beyond the ordinary experiences of our families. When we are so aware of the shortcomings, the fights, the lack of patience and the selfishness that all hinder good relationships in our families we all feel poorer when compared with the Holy Family.

Let's have a look at this family. We have listened to the genealogy of Jesus Christ, son of David, son of Abraham. Abraham was the father of Isaac, Isaac was the father of Jacob etc and it is worth remembering that in that long list of ancestors there are just as many sinners as there are saints.

Just because their names are in the Bible it does not make them holy people. There is more than enough murder, jealousy, adultery and unwanted pregnancies to fill any Hollywood soap opera. The Bold and the Beautiful could make way for the Biblical and the Banished!

God was clearly in the midst of this colourful genealogy of Jesus the Christ, in the midst of the significant people and those who appear insignificant and it was all happening to ensure that the Incarnation could take place.

God chose to become human, to come as a small baby of questionable parentage to offer us salvation. A young virgin found to be with child - happens all the time today and yet the overall response to these young women is one of shame and rejection.

Violence is threatening the life of this new baby Jesus - something that happens all the time today in far too many countries and not all the families can flee the oppressors. Joseph was able to safely take his family to another country - something that happens all the time today and when these families arrive they are locked up, if they arrive in Australia, they are locked up for years and treated like criminals. Some countries can process their illegal immigrants in a matter of weeks or months yet this land of wide open spaces offers incarceration in the desert.

Around the world over 3 billion people cannot attend church without harassment, oppression or the threat of torture and death. We live in a wonderful country overflowing with freedom and yet many do not stop on a Sunday to offer thanks to God.

The word Eucharist means 'to give thanks' it takes less than an hour and provides us with the nourishment to face the challenges of the week. The challenge for us is to find one hour to do just that.

Cate Mapstone

Youth Angle

The way in which God chose for his son to be born is really an amazing thing. There are symbols to show that he really is a Universal Prince – and was born as an example and saviour to ALL of creation. He was born in the poorest conditions.

Had he been born in the Novotel or Royal North Shore Hospital he would not be accessible to all. It would only be some few. But he was born in the poorest conditions so that we would know it was for all.

He had visitors who were wise men or magi – they were educated people. And also there were the shepherds – herding their sheep on a cold winter’s night - more than likely uneducated. And the shepherds were locals – they didn’t travel far.

And yet the Magi were foreigners from the East and travelled a long way to see the King who was born. So he was born for rich, poor, educated, uneducated, foreigners and locals. And let’s not forget there were animals in the stable. And angels in the sky, together with a bright star.

Involved in the Christmas Story are symbols for man, animal, mineral and supernatural beings. This is a prince for all of creation. A truly universal prince.

Manuela Macri

Youth Ministry Resources Christmas
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Youth Ministry Resources Christmas