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Youth Ministry Resources - Assumption of the Virgin Mary

ASSUMPTION OF THE VIRGIN MARY - Lk 1:39-56 - The Visitation and the Magnificat

Today is a day of great celebration in the Church, a day when we acknowledge and celebrate the faith, contribution, strength and determination of Mary, a fourteen year old Jewish girl, who said "yes!" to God and became the mother of Jesus. Too frequently, Mary is presented as some meek and mild compliant woman and this is so far from the truth. Only strong language should be used to recognise the resilient, noble person Mary was when she put her free will aside to accept God's will and vision for her future.

Through what might seem a simple "yes", Mary became Theotokos, the Bearer of God. It was Mary's body given up for humanity by agreeing to the Incarnation of God as Jesus, the child who grew in her womb. Mary was a girl of immense faith who went on to be the most significant woman in the Church, hence the ancient tradition concerning her Assumption into heaven.

Luke brings two pregnant women together, Mary and her cousin Elizabeth, so that both may praise God who is clearly so active in their lives. Just as Elizabeth, filled with the Holy Spirit is empowered to recognise Mary as "the mother of my Lord," there is recognition from the babies in utero, as John leaps in his mother's womb. All this joy is the fruit of the Holy Spirit and the appropriate response to God's fulfilment of promise in Jesus.

Mary is called 'blessed" because she is the model believer and is praised for her trust in the fidelity of God. Mary's delight is evident as she is praising and worshiping God who supports the poor and lowly and proves that nothing is impossible for God.

All of us can be encouraged by the strength and determination of this young woman. We too take on what can seem to be 'the impossible.' As we struggle, we know that our perseverance is a gift from God, the God of the impossible who makes all things new and possible. We too are called to be people of faith who regularly seek to praise and thank God for the 'miracles' in our lives. Mary has shown us that it is possible to live lives that are open to God's will. Sometimes (maybe frequently) we struggle to stay in control of what is happening in our lives, and it is worth remembering the saying "let go and let God," so that we remain open, like Mary, to the will of God.

Cate Mapstone

Youth Ministry Resources Assumption of the Virgin Mary
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Youth Ministry Resources Assumption of the Virgin Mary