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Acknowledgment of Country

"As we gather on this sacred land, let us acknowledge that we are standing on country for which the members and elders of the local Aboriginal community and their forbearers have been custodians for thousands of years, on which they have performed age old ceremonies, celebrations, initiations and renewals. We acknowledge their living culture and unique role in the life of this country."

- Murri Ministry

Every time Rebeccas Community gathers (in any way), we pause and acknowledge the traditional owners. We strongly recommend you adopt this same practice.

NAIDOC Week in 2005 is 3rd of July to 10th of July, Aboriginal & Torress Strait Islander Sunday is on the 2nd of July.


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In Christ's love we strive to:
Accept their individuality,
Believe in their worth,
Hope for their future, and
Love them where they are.