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Homeless Directory - International Index (California - Los Angeles)Homeless Directory

Feedback Welcomed: If you know of a useful resource for people who are at risk of or currently homeless in Los Angeles California and don't see it listed below, or if you see your organisation listed and wish to update the details or expand on what your organisation offers, please register in the International Homeless Forums and submitt your recomended resource in this thread. We aim to provide the most relevant resources for homeless people in Los Angeles California, not the most extensive. Please help guide this resource towards that goal and support service providers making a difference in Los Angeles California.

Currently Homeless or Formerly Homeless in Los Angeles California?
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Los Angeles Homeless California

211 LA County
Dedicated to providing an easy-to-use, caring, professional source of guidance, advocacy, and 24 hours 7 days per week access to a comprehensive range of human services to the people of Los Angeles County.

Los Angeles Coalition to End Hunger & Homelessness
2500 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 1155
Los Angeles, California 90057
Telephone: (213) 251-0041

The Peoples' Guide PDF English - PDF Spanish gives practical information about how to get food, money and other help from government programs and community services. You do not have to view the entire site; just find the topic you need in the Table of Contents. The People's Guide also gives advice on what to do if you are treated unfairly or do not receive what you are entitled to by law. Many barriers block people from needed services and benefits:

  • False rumors and bad advice
  • Real budget and eligibility restrictions
  • Lack of translation services
  • Fear that if you are an immigrant you will be punished later for receiving help you need now
  • Not knowing how to access programs or what the rules are
  • Being made to feel embarrassed or humiliated for asking for assistance
  • Misleading publicity about changes in welfare, so people think programs have ended which are still in place
  • The People's Guide is dedicated to helping people overcome these barriers since everyone has the right to adequate food, housing and basic medical care. We are all better off when everyone has these necessities of life!

The Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA)
is a Joint Powers Authority established in 1993 as an independent agency by the County and the City of Los Angeles. LAHSA is the lead agency in the Los Angeles Continuum of Care, and coordinates and manages over $70 million dollars annually in Federal, State, County and City funds for programs providing shelter, housing and services to homeless persons in Los Angeles City and County.

It can be tough to get the help your family needs. LACountyHelps is a free and easy way to find out if your family can get help from many different health and human services programs. This website provides convenient, one-stop access to:

  • Program List / Descriptions
  • Contact Information
  • List of items you may need to bring to an eligibility interview
  • Try this website to find out if your family might qualify for helpful benefits. LACountyHelps does not ask who you are and we do not share your information with anyone.


There are 88 cities in LA County. Below is a link to each of these cities websites. To gather information from each of these addresses use the 'search' function and enter 'homeless services' which will bring you to each cities information.

Check each relevant web address for services in your area.
Link to Los Angeles Cities Website Addresses here

Weingart Center Association
The mission of the Weingart Center Association is to deliver high quality human services and provide leadership and innovative solutions to help break the cycle of homelessness and end poverty. Located in downtown Los Angeles' Skid Row, the Weingart Center has over 20 years of experience providing programs which enable homeless men and women to achieve self-sufficiency and exit the streets.
566 South San Pedro Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013
213 627-9000 phone

Homeless Health Care Los Angeles
Mission is to improve the health of people through health services, education and advocacy. Includes services, advocacy, training, events, helping and board.

Shelter First
Shelter First serves 5 locations, providing short term and transitional shelter to homeless men, women and children. All facility managers are formerly homeless and provide peer counseling; other staff provide housing, medical care, financial assistance, and job opportunities.
1002 E 7th St, Los Angeles, CA 90021
Phone: 213-622-4972
Contact: Charlene Gowers
Email: shelter1st@earthlink.net

Food on Foot
Dedicated to providing the poor and homeless of Los Angeles with nutritious meals, clothing, and assistance in the transition to employment and life off the streets.

Union Rescue Mission
545 S San Pedro St, Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 347-6300
Union Rescue Mission dedicated to serving the poor and homeless. Established in 1891, URM is one of the largest rescue missions of its kind in the United States and the oldest in Los Angeles. They provide a comprehensive array of emergency and long-term services to our guests, including: food, shelter, clothing, medical and dental care, recovery programs, transitional housing, legal assistance, education, counseling, and job training to needy men, women, children, and families.

They provide a comprehensive range of programs and services under one roof, whereas many other service providers are able to concentrate on only one type of service. In addition to emergency shelter and food, the Mission provides recovery programs for men, women, and families including Christian-based counseling, education, physical fitness, and job training, and transitional housing. Union Rescue Mission networks and partners with other area service providers to aid those who seek help. In partnership with caring universities, Union Rescue Mission is home to critically needed services for the homeless and desperately poor

The Los Angeles Mission
is a nonprofit organization serving the homeless living on the streets of downtown’s Skid Row. Faithfully, for more than 70 years, we have saved many lives and have had a profound impact on thousands of others by providing compassionate, humanitarian services to those in desperate need.

Downtown Women’s Center
The mission of the Downtown Women’s Center is to provide permanent supportive housing and a safe and healthy community fostering dignity, respect, and personal stability, and to advocate ending homelessness for women.

Founded in 1978, the Downtown Women’s Center (DWC) is a nationally recognized nonprofit organization that provides 40,000 meals, 45 permanent supportive housing apartments, and a wide array of health, education, and other supportive services to more than 2000 homeless and very low-income women each year. The Center meets our mission by offering a warm, friendly atmosphere that encourages homeless women to commit to their own betterment and healing process. Our supportive community and much-needed resources allow homeless women to reconnect with their sense of self, reclaim goals lost in the day-to-day struggle for survival on the streets, and move toward self-sufficiency. In the local Skid Row community, the Downtown Women’s Center is the only resource that is exclusively for and singularly dedicated to serving the unique needs of this population.

DWC is committed to providing every individual woman with the personal support she needs in order to acknowledge her self-worth and dignity. Each woman is cared for and treated with a high level of respect. The Center is nationally recognized as a prototype for unique and effective programs serving homeless women. Established in 1978, DWC operates out of two beautifully renovated, adjoining buildings located at 325 S. Los Angeles Street:

The Day Center - meals and a wide array of resources for homeless women on a drop-in basis, and
The Residence - 45 single unit apartments providing permanent, affordable, supportive housing to formerly homeless women.

In addition to providing a safe, supportive environment and nutritious meals on a daily basis, DWC offers a wide range of programs and services, including case management, healthcare, literacy, and arts workshops.


Shelter For The Homeless
Providing over 40 shelters including emergency, transitional, and permanent housing, in Orange County, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Los Angeles.

Hurting & Hungry Project-Rosie Mae Jack Son
1310 South Street Andrews Place, Los Angeles, CA 90019
(323) 733-9022

Homeless Services Residential Care of America
2307 West 6th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90057
(213) 386-9001

Homeless Services TMC Management LLC
10124 South Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90003
(323) 777-7783

Hurting & Hungry Project-Rosie Mae Jack Son
1310 South Street Andrews Place Los Angeles, CA 90019
(323) 733-9022

Sunshine Mission For Women
2600 South Hoover Street Los Angeles, CA 90007
(213) 747-7419

Watts Arms 2
1724 East Century Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90002
(323) 569-2809

Union Rescue Mission
545 S. San Pedro Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013
Phone: (213)347-6300

U. S. Mission - Hudson House
1154 N. Western Avenue, Hollywood, CA 90029-1051
Phone: (213)465-0247

Valley SHelter
7843 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91605
Phone: (818)982-4091

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