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Homeless Directory - International Index (Canada)Homeless Directory

Feedback Welcomed: If you know of a useful resource for people who are at risk of or currently homeless in Canada and don't see it listed below, or if you see your organisation listed and wish to update the details or expand on what your organisation offers, please register in the International Homeless Forums and submitt your recomended resource in this thread. We aim to provide the most relevant resources for homeless people in Canada, not the most extensive. Please help guide this resource towards that goal and support service providers making a difference in Canada.

Currently Homeless or Formerly Homeless in Canada?
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Menu Options and Canadian Homeless Resources by Province:

General Canada

Find An Advocate
PovNet's list of community-based advocates in Canada. Begin by clicking on a province or territory.
Advocates listed on the PovNet maps are referred by members of their own communities. PovNet policy is that advocates listed on our maps do not run advocacy services as profit-making businesses, but we do not necessarily have direct information about each group listed.

Homeless in Canada
Selected resources, news and statistics on housing and homelessness in Canada, listing national and provincial housing and homeless initiatives, developments and services in major cities, charities, research and policy organizations, food banks by province, a customized poverty and homelessness search engine and blog search.

The Homeless Hub
A research library and information center focusing on homelessness issues in Canada. It represents a new approach to sharing information and research on homelssness. They strongly believe that evidence-based research can and should have an impact on decision-making and solutions to homelessness, through helping to educate the public, and to inform policy and practice at all levels of government and in the social, health care and housing sectors.

Homelessness Action Week,
Organized in Metro Vancouver by the Regional Steering Community on Homelessness. The website has news, resources, and information on homelessness.

Salvation Army in Canada
As the largest direct provider of social services in Canada, The Salvation Army offers support to society’s most vulnerable.

Burnaby Task Force on Homelessness
Comprised of people from a variety of government bodies, social service agencies, faith communities and policing departments as well as concerned private citizens, the Task Force strives to ensure that the needs of Burnaby people who are homeless are met and to end homelessness.

The Calgary Committee to End Homelessness
Working for all people facing homelessness in Calgary will have access to affordable, safe and appropriate housing as well as the resources and supports necessary to sustain it, by the year 2018.

Raising the Roof
A national charity which works to develop national and local strategies to prevent and end homelessness.

Shared Learnings
Tools, resources and information sharing for frontline staff, managers and volunteers working to address the problem of homelessness in their communities. Use this site to find out about initiatives in cities, towns and rural areas across Canada. Link to others working within the homelessness sector, share your experiences and learn from theirs.

Toronto Disaster Relief Committee
This coalition of social service agencies is trying to combat homelessness in a unique way: they want homelessness declared a national disaster.

Housing Again
This national site is designed to raise awareness of housing and homelessness issues and to put affordable housing back on the political agenda.

Canadian Red Cross
The Red Cross provides street relief services to protect the health and well-being of the homeless population or those at risk of becoming homeless.

The Alliance to End Homelessness Ottawa
A coalition of community stakeholders in Ottawa committed to working collaboratively to end homelessness by gaining and promoting a better understanding of homelessness and advocating for strategies to end it.

Carnegie Community Action Project
Their blog has news and information on housing, homelessness, and actions in the Downtown Eastside.

No Place Like Home Vancouver
Documents a complaint to the UN by the PIVOT Legal Society, Carnegie Community Action Project, and the Impact of the Olympics on Community Coalition (IOCC) about the housing conditions of Vancouver's poorest residents.

Street Health
Works to improve the health and well being of homeless and underhoused individuals in southeast Toronto by addressing the social determinants of health through programs, services, education and advocacy.

The Social Planning and Research Council of BC (SPARC BC)
A non-partisan, charitable organization operating in BC since 1966. SPARC BC focuses on social justice issues and works together with communities on issues such as income security, accessibility, community development education and community social planning. The organization offers Research and Consulting services to a variety of clients including community organizations and all levels of governments. They often partners on research projects with other not-for-profit organizations.

Homeless Nation
Website by and for homeless people in Canada. Homeless Nation's outreach workers across Canada work in a variety of ways in collaboration with the homeless community. They work in shelters, day-centres, squats, at protests, community events, on the street and online. They are dedicated to ensuring that digital tools for media, learning and communication are made available for homeless Canadians.

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Alberta Homeless

Here is a list of resources for homeless people in the province of Alberta with links to food, shelter, and other information.

Calgary Shelters
Avenue 15 - Boys & Girls Club provides a short-term alternative to life on the streets with counselling services available.
Contact: (403) 276-9981

Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre
Provides day and night shelter,food, recreation, counselling, computer access, job placement, and referrals to other support services. Contact: (403) 263-5707

Mustard Seed Street Ministry
Offers shelter, food, educational health and religious services.
Contact: (403) 269-1319

Inn From the Cold Society
Provides families and others with shelter and education.
Contact: (403) 263-8384

Women's Shelters

Awo Taan Native Women's Shelter
Provides shelter for women and their children who have experienced domestic violence. The shelter also provides advocacy, counselling, outreach, information, and support services.
Contact: (403) 531-1970


Calgary Inter-faith Food Bank
Provides emergency food hampers for those in need.
Contact: (403) 253-2059

Medical Services

AIDS Calgary
Provides necessary tools for prevention, education, and outreach services.
Contact: (403)508-2500

Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) Calgary Region
Provides care, treatment, and rehabilitation for the mentally ill.
Contact: (403) 297-1706

CUPS Community Health Centre
A not-for-profit health clinic with a multidisciplinary primary health care team that practices collaboratively and provides holistic care to people who are marginalized.
Contact: (403) 221-8780


Back Door: Youth Employment Society
To create opportunities for long-term street youth to make lasting changes in their lives by finding jobs and maintaining a safe place to live.
Contact: (403) 269-6658

Calgary Homeless Foundation
Using a partnership model, provides capital funding for housing projects and is committed to providing the vehicle for community consultation on homelessness issues and community collaboration on solutions. In 2002-2003, the Foundation facilitated $12.7 million in funding to provide an additional 185 living spaces for homeless people in Calgary.
Contact: (403) 262-2921

Street Level Consulting
A counseling and consulting agency serving the poor and homeless community.
Contact (403) 390-7970

Here is a list of resources for homeless people in the Edmonton area. Inside, you will find links to food, shelter, and other information.

Edmonton Shelters

Hope Mission
Currently operates a men's emergency shelter (Herb Jamieson Centre), a residence for at-risk women with or without children (Women's Centre), a youth outreach centre (R.W. Tegler Youth Sports Centre), an activity and hot meal program to low income area elementary schools (Kids In Action), and a summer camp for underprivileged youth and children (Brightwood Ranch).
Contact: (780) 422-2018

Women's Shelters
WIN House - Edmonton Women's Shelter is a shelter for women with or without children who have experienced abuse from their partners. They supply food, shelter (up to 3 weeks), clothing, support groups, crisis counselling, and information on family violence.
Contact: (780) 471-6709


Marian Centre
Offers free lunch from 12:30 to 2pm (or until food runs out). This service is offered seven days a week. Please use side entrance off of parking lot. On Wednesday only brown bag lunch is available - use alley entrance. Schedule of other places servicing lunch is also written on back alley wall.
Contact: (780) 424-3544
10528 98 St, Edmonton, Alberta. T5H 2N4

The Mustard Seed - Edmonton
Offers a food bank, hot meals, a community drop-in centre, and outreach services.
Contact: (780) 426-5600

Legal Services

Youth Criminal Defence Office
Provides legal advice and representation to youth involved in the criminal justice system in Edmonton and Calgary, with a vision of restorative justice and a practice of creating case plans as alternatives to custody.
Contact: (780) 422-8383

Legal Aid Society of Alberta
Provides youth with cost effective legal defense, to prevent the client from returning with further charges, through preventive work, rehabilitation and treatment and searching for programs in the community as a distinct alternative to incarceration.
Contact: (780) 427-7575


Edmonton Coalition on Housing and Homelessness (ECOHH)
A coalition of agencies and individuals in Edmonton with a mandate to identify local issues related to homelessness and affordable housing and to respond through action.
Contact: (780) 423-9675

The Tough Times Handbook
Free guide to services and information for unemployed and low-income people.
Contact: Tel: (708) 482-HELP
E-mail: publications@thesupportnetwork.com Title: Handbook request
For more info please call 211 (Edmonton Only) or checkout: www.thesupportnetwork.com

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Manitoba Homeless


Here is a list of resources for homeless people in the Winnipeg area.


Main Street Project, Inc.
Provides crisis, shelter, transitional housing, Detox, and detention area for intoxicated persons.
Contact: (204) 982-8260

Provides emergency shelter and counseling services for runaway youth.
Contact: (204) 586-2588

Women's Shelters

Native Women's Transition Centre
Is a community-based, 21 bed facility providing support and services to Aboriginal women and children. Program and service philosophy is to strengthen and support Native women who have experienced victimization to become self-sufficient.
Contact: (204) 989-8240

Is a crisis shelter that provides safe accommodation, supportive counselling and advocacy to abused Aboriginal women and their children. Other services include a non-residential program and 24 hour provincial crisis line counselling.
Contact: (204) 987-2780


Agape Table Inc.
Serves the needs of the hungry in the inner city of Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Contact: 204-786-2370

Powerhouse Winnipeg
Is a non-profit community organization that provides emergency and support services to street involved youth aged 16-29. We operate a drop-in center where we offer peer support, referrals, advocacy, a free store (clothing, blankets, shoes etc), outreach, Internet, laundry facilities, food, an on site Public Health Nurse (one afternoon a week), and telephone access for job and housing searches.
Contact: 204-953-1310

Siloam Mission
Is a faith-based agency that serves 300-400 poor and homeless at no cost or preconditions through its: meal program, food bank, clothing bank, counselling, agency referrals, chiropractic treatments, literacy classes, income tax preparations, optional spiritual services etc.
Contact: 204-956-4344

Brandon Homeless
ocated in Brandon City Hall at
410 9th Street, Brandon, Manitoba, R7A 6A2

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New Brunswick Homeless

Aboriginal Directions
33 Hanover Street, Saint John, New Brunswick, E2L 3G1
Tel.: (506) 633-0449

Is a non-incorporated organization consisting of Aboriginal people living in the area. The primary goal of this organization is to oversee the delivery of Employment Outreach Services directed toward the successful integration of Aboriginal People into the workforce. The goal of this project is to identify and serve Aboriginal people in need of employment-related services living in the target area. Centred in Saint John, the services will extend to Sussex in the east and Welford in the west.

Centre de Benevolat de la Peninsule Acadienne
111 Blv St-Pierre Ouest, Caraquet, New Brunswick, E0B 1K3
Tel.: (506) 727-1860

Grâce à des contrats de service avec les gouvernements provincial et fédéral, ce centre gère de nombreux programmes et offre plusieurs services sociaux dans la péninsule acadienne. Ce faisant, en plus de créer des emplois, il sert d'endroit de formation aux personnnes désireuses de retourner sur le marché du travail.

Une des particularités de l'organisme est le lien entre les services des secteurs "privés" et bénévoles et les services sociaux gouvernementaux. L'utilisation du contrat de services, dans un contexte de privatisation, est l'option privilégiée. Comme dans beaucoup de centres communautaires, le développement du Centre de bénévolat est dü en grande partie au dynamisme du coordonnateur.

Through service contracts made with the provincial and federal governments, this Centre operates a number of programs and provides social services in the Acadian Peninsula. In so doing, in addition to creating jobs, the Centre serves as a training location for those wishing to return to the labour market.

One distinguishing feature of the organization is the link between the "private" and volunteer formula, and government services. The use of service contracts, in the context of privatization, is the preferred option. As with many community centres, the Centre's development is due to a great extent to the dynamic nature of the coordinator.

Chipman Community Care
P.O. Box 266, Chipman, New Brunswick, E0V 1V0.
Tel.: (506) 339-6168

The mandate of the Chipman Community Care Inc. is to fight poverty and empowerlow-income families and individuals. To this end, this organization operates a Clothing, Furniture and Food Bank, and sponsors low-rental housing. Future projects include the building of a Family Enrichment Centre where low-income mothers can attend workshops on such topics as nutrition, financial management and government services. The children are then supervised in a play centre with stimulating recreation equipment operated by the mothers. The Chipman Community Care provides services such as support groups and cooking classes.

Elm Hill Community Centre
Elm Hill Road, R.R.#1, Elm Hill, New Brunswick, E0G 1V0.
Tel.: (506) 488-2688

Elm Hill, a prosperous rural Black community at the time of the Loyalists, is now one of the poorest communities in New Brunswick. Its isolation, a source of strength in the 19th century, has become one of the reasons for its marginalization. Over the past few years, resident families in the area, supported by a group of community workers (nurse, social worker, member of the clergy, community organizer, and a representative from the New Brunswick Housing Services) have been working in close cooperation to help the community regain its cohesion and its pride. This has been accomplished through an unfailing respect for the decisions of the community, which is gradually taking charge through housing and community garden projects, and has renovated its community centre.

Solidarity among workers and the community, mutual trust, and especially the key role played by a community worker have succeeded in creating a dynamic process in this isolated community. From this project has sprung a model of cooperation between workers and the community, based on the resourcefulness of people, rather than on their problems.

Food Fun
c/o Church of St. Andrew and St. David, 164 Germain Street, Saint John, New Brunswick, E2L 2G3
Tel.: (506) 634-3092

Food Fun is a cooking program for families on low budgets where families can learn basic cooking and nutrition, meal planning and budgeting. Recipes chosen are inexpensive, nutritious, and easy to prepare. The program costs $2 per month with child care provided at no extra cost.

The Greater Moncton Parent Resource Centre
154 Queen Street, Moncton, New Brunswick, E1C 1K8.
Tel.: (506) 858-1303

The Greater Moncton Parent Resource Centre is for parents of children aged 0 to 6 years. The project provides a variety of programs to promote healthy growth and develop the young child. The programs are established based on the outcome of the needs assessment. The target groups are low-income, single and teenage families. The project provides skills training to at-risk parents on such topics as assertiveness, self-esteem, board management. The Greater Moncton Parent Resource Centres are in two locations. The Central Information Resource Centre is located at 154 Queen Street and a centre is located at 150 Katherine Avenue in the Parkton Heights Housing Community.

Housing Alternatives
LaTour Terrace, 61 Union Street, Suite 400, Box 6246, Station A, Saint John, New Brunswick, E2L 4R7.
Tel.: (506) 632-9393

Favours the development of non-profit cooperative housing in Saint John, N.B. With financial assistance from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CHMC) and New Brunswick Housing Services, low-income families can now find cooperative housing in homes that have been renovated in poor neighbourhoods in Saint John. The program is called Rehabitat. There are currently nine cooperatives consisting of between 20 and 57 housing units each. More than 800 housing units have been created this way since 1981.

Housing Alternatives Inc. has also begun promoting cooperative housing projects throughout the province by advocating for changes in discriminatory legislation concerning housing for low-income families. Thus, in addition to its role of direct intervention, Housing Alternatives has taken on an advocacy role.

Lakewood Headstart Association
P.O. Box 634 Rothesay Avenue, Saint John, New Brunswick, E2L 4A5.
Tel.: (506) 696-6164

Lakewood Headstart is a non-profit community support centre geared toward low-income families, serving the suburban and rural areas of East Saint John, Saint Martins and Hammond River. Services provided include a clothing bank and an emergency food service. Every year, Lakewood Headstart organizes a "Christmas Sponsor Project" where gifts of new clothing, food and toys from nearly 100 sponsors help to make Christmas a joyful time for a corresponding number of families living in poverty. Lakewood Headstart also provides referrals to other services.

Mapleton Food Bank and Teaching Kitchen
1111 Mountain Road, Moncton, New Brunswick Fax: (506) 857-3170, E1C 2S9.
Tel.: (506) 858-8257

The Mapleton Food Bank and Teaching Kitchen provides emergency food services for low-income families in the Greater Moncton Area. This organization also provides an educational program centred around a nutrition and life skills program to help participants become self-sufficient. The Teaching Kitchen's goals are to help low-income families to learn how to cook nutritious meals with accessible and low-cost foods. In this program, each participant makes a recipe and shares it with others. This organization would like to open a collective kitchen in the near future.

Moncton Headstart
1111 Mountain Road, Moncton, New Brunswick Fax: (506) 857-3170, E1C 2S9.
Tel.: (506) 858-8252

Created in 1974, Moncton Headstart Inc. was originally set up to provide children "at risk" with the personal and intellectual tools they require to adapt more effectively to the school system. Subsequently, preventive work with parents was added. Currently, the organization provides six services including a clothing counter, a bursary fund, an educational kitchen and a food counter.

Located in Moncton, N.B., this service provides underprivileged families in the region with a place to meet and to learn certain basic skills that will help them re-enter the mainstream of society.

Mothers and Tots
c/o Church of St-Andrew and St-David, 164 Germain Street, Saint John, New Brunswick, E2L 2G3.
Tel.: (506) 634-3094

Mothers and Tots is a support group for single and low-income mothers with pre-schoolers. Mothers and Tots allows mothers some time apart from their children and the opportunity for friendship. Mothers are involved, as a group, in choosing from a wide variety of activities. These include parenting information, crafts, cooking, visiting community resources, hearing guest speakers from other agencies, educational and career information, and computer classes.

Support to Single Mothers Inc.
154 Queen Street, Moncton, New Brunswick, E1C 1K8.
Tel.: (506) 858-1303

Established in 1982, Support to Single Mothers works to improve the quality of life of low-income single parents and their children, by helping them make positive changes in their lives. Support to Single Mothers designs and implements a broad range of adult workshops, and educational training programs, which benefit its target group. Individual sessions are included to provide support, referral, guidance, assessment and skill acquisition.
Support to Single Mothers also operates a drop-in centre, a child care service, a swap shop and a resource centre. Support to Single Mothers further provides referral services, public awareness, alliances, advocacy, and physical and emotional support services that address the needs of single parents.

Support to Single Mothers provides services such as prenatal and new born care classes, parenting classes, literacy training, raising self-esteem, aids awareness, teen independence program and a new beginnings programs.
Support to Single Mothers, Crossroads for Women and the Advisory Council on the Status of Women have undertaken a three-year joint project to determine the needs of women whose lives have been affected by substance abuse. In conjunction with a focus group of women, a treatment model will be developed and implemented for women with addictions.

The Saint John Learning Exchange
47 Princess Street, Saint John, New Brunswick Fax: (506) 658-0785, E2L 4R7.
Tel.: (506) 648-0202

The Saint John Learning Exchange provides training and retraining activities within an informal setting and in small groups. It emphasizes learner-centred training strategies through personalized assistance, and provides encouragement and support to all those who join the organization. According to the organization, it operates on three basic principles:
* to give priority to the aspirations and needs of the students;
* to maintain close contact with the community;
* to maintain financial stability through an employment policy that attracts qualified personnel interested in the organization's philosophy based on the needs of the participants.

Upper Dawson Community Centre
743 Assass St., Bathurst, New Brunswick Fax: (506) 547-7488, E2A 3J4
Tel.: (506) 548-2439

This is one of two provincial projects initiated by New Brunswick Housing Services to involve families living in subsidized housing in decisions that affect them. Gradually, over the last three years, the Centre has started todefend the rights of poor families living in the neighbourhood.

Managed by a Board composed entirely of low-income women living in the neighbourhood, the Upper Dawson Community Centre initiates activities that respond to the needs of the people living there, while at the same time participating actively in the provincial and national arenas.

In addition to providing information on the services available in the region, a distinguishing feature of the Centre is that it offers assertiveness training to its participants. A collective kitchen and a literacy group have just been added to the existing services.

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Newfoundland and Labrador Homeless

For The Love of Learning
A non-profit, arts-based, education and entrepreneurship program for resilient youth.
99 Gower St. (Basement of Gower Street United Church), St. John's, Newfoundland, A1C 1N6
Phone: (709)722.4846

Choices for Youth
58 Lemarchant Rd 2nd Flr, St. John's NL, A1C 2G8
Phone: 709-754-3047

St. John's Native Friendship Centre
716 Water Street, St. John's, NL, A1E 1C1
Telephone: (709) 726-5902
Shelter: (709) 726-5970

The St. John's Native Friendship Centre Association is a non-profit organization designed to assist Aboriginal people in their everyday needs. Those needs include, but are not limited to, referrals and counseling on matters of employment, housing, education, and health.

Stella Burry Community Services
142 Military Road, St. John's, NL, A1C 2E6
Telephone: (709) 738-7805

The Salvation Army Newfoundland East Divisional Headquarters
21 Adams Ave, St. John’s NL A1C 4Z1
P 709-579-2022 ext.2023

Tommy Sexton Center
Emergency, transitional and supported housing for people living with HIV/AIDS
47 Janeway Place, St John’s, NL.

Iris Kirby House
Crisis Line Telephone : 709-753-1492
Women's Organizations & Services, Social And Human Service

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Northwest Territories Homeless

Here is a list of resources for homeless people in the Northwest Territories. Food

Yellowknife Food Bank
Serves the Yellowknife area.
Contact: (867) 873-4035

Salvation Army Yellowknife
Combines social services with spirituality by providing hot meals, drop-in services, support, and spiritual guidance.
Contact: 867-920-4673

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Nova Scotia Homeless


Here is a list of resources for homeless people in the Halifax area.


Universal Shelter Association
Provides short-term emergency shelter for victims of family violence. They target minority groups.
Contact: 902-454-5459

Women's Shelter

Adsum House
Is an emergency shelter for homeless women and their children. It offers services such as advocacy, referrals and counselling
Contact: 902- 423-5049


Metro Food Bank Society
Nova Scotia collects and distributes perishable and non-perishable food.
Contact: (902) 457-1900

Medical Services

North End Community Health Centre
Views housing as a determinant of health and to work in concert with others in the community to address long-term solutions.
Contact: (902) 420-0303


Youth Help line - (902) 420-8336

Kids Help Phone - 1-800-668-6868

Community Action on Homelessness
CAH works in partnership within the community, the advance community solutions to homelessness, and the right to a home as key to the quality of life for everyone in the community. CAH does work around advocacy, capacity and partnership building, and awareness.
Contact: (902) 420-6026

Halifax Coalition Against Poverty
Is a direct-action, anti-poverty organization based in Halifax, NS. Learn how to defend yourself in matters involving a landlord, an employer, or social/government services. Click here for the events calender.
Contact: (902) 444-5060
Mailing Address: 2420 Agricola street, Halifax Nova Scotia, B3K4C2.
Office hours: M-F 1:00 - 3:00PM

Phoenix Youth Programs Support
Aims to assist at risk and homeless youth to help them move to healthier and safer lives. The focus is on breaking the cycle of homelessness by offering a wide range of programs and services to youth in the community. The organization's mission includes being a meaningful presence and a voice for social justice in the lives of the youth it serves.
Contact: 902-422-3105

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Nunavut Homeless

Here is a list of resources for homeless people in Nunavut


Oqota Emergency Shelter
provides emergency shelter for up to 14 people a night.
Contact (867) 979-0053

Women's Shelters

Quimaavik Women's Shelter
provides shelter for victims of domestic violence throughout the baffin region.
Contact: (867) 979-4566

Kataujaq Society Safe Shelter
provides emergency shelter for women and their children who are escaping domestic violence.
Contact: (867) 645-2214

Community Wellness Centre Crisis Shelter
provides emergency shelter for women and children touched by domestic violence.
Contact: (867) 983-2133


Nunavut Food Bank
offers food to those in need.
Contact: (867) 979-4242

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Ontario Homeless


Here is a list of resources for homeless people in the Ottawa area.


Catholic Immigration Services
Provides temporary accomodations, food, clothing, information, counselling, orientation workshops, and translation services.
Contact: (613) 789-4338

John Howard Society of Ottawa
Provides a structured home-like environment for people who require help making transitions (ie:employment, education)(613) 236-3077

National Capital Region YMCA/YWCA
Provides single adults with partly furnished rooms for monthly rental, health and wellness facility membership, local phone services; to provide adults and families: accomodations, local phone services, facility access, food money; To provide youth aged 16 to 19 with furnished room, phone and gym access, life skills programs, and goal-setting and achievement program; and to provide on a user pay basis referrals to a budget hotel on nightly or weekly basis for crisis or transient use.
Contact: (613) 788-5063

Shepard's of Good Hope
Provides shelter, food, addiction recovery programs, and supportive housing.
Contact: (613) 789-8210

Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa-Carleton
Provides rent-geared-to-income housing for youth; and works to re-integrate residents back into the community.
Contact: (613) 729-1000

Women's Shelters

Centre Espoir Sophie
est une halte accueil qui offre un soutien pratique (repas, paniers de nourriture, produits hygiéniques, buanderie, coupes de cheveux) et émotionnel (accompagnement, écoute, ateliers et activités) aux femmes et à leurs enfants.
Contact: (613) 789-5119

Interval House of Ottawa-Carleton
Provides temporary shelter for women and there children who are escaping domestic violence.
Contact: (613) 234-8511

Harmony House
Provides medium-term supportive housing for women and their children, who have survived violent relationships.
Contact: (613) 233-3386

Cornerstone / Pilier
Provides emergency shelter and supportive housing for a of women.
Contact: (613) 237-4669


Shepard's of Good Hope
Provides food to those in need.
Contact: (613) 789-8210

Carlington Community and Health Services
Provides a walk-in clinic, employment guidance; youth programs; newcomers support and nutrition and cooking together.
Contact: (613) 722-4000

Sandy Hill Community Health Centre
Provides the opportunity for the group to cook and eat a meal together and take food home, along with vitamins and milk vouchers, and helps with babysitting of older children. Also provides bus tickets.
Contact: (613) 789-1500

Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA)
Advocate and provide client-directed services and programs with and for people with mental health problems. Enhance, promote and maintain the mental health of individuals and communities through education and awareness.
Contact: 613-737-7791

Carlington Community and Health Services
Provides a walk-in clinic, employment guidance; youth programs; newcomers support and nutrition and cooking together.
Contact: (613) 722-4000

Centretown Community Health Centre
Support for people living on the street or in shelters; health care, outreach and assistance to obtain a health card. Support for people without health insurance.
Contact: (613) 233-4443

Ottawa Inner City Health Project
Provide health care services to men and women who are chronically homeless and unable to use regular services due to lifestyle or complex health needs. Four main health services are provided to chronically homeless individuals in Ottawa’s downtown core:
Contact: (613) 562-4500

Royal Ottawa Hospital
Our mission is to look for better ways to improve the delivery of services to better meet the needs of the homeless and mentally ill populations.
Contact: (613) 722-6521 x6

Somerset West Community Health Centre
Provides clients with primary health care, education, technical training, life skills, and employment skills that are tied to today's world.
Contact: (613) 238-8210


Alliance to End Homelessness
A coalition of community stakeholders committed to working collaboratively to eliminate homelessness by gaining a better understanding of homelessness and developing and implementing strategies to end it
Contact: (613) 241-7913 x 205

Centre 507
Association of Ottawa Provides services to people who are disadvantaged both economically and socially, responding to their changing needs through a variety of free programs.
Contact: (613) 233-5626

Financial and Employment Support
Provides financial assistance in emergency situations, offering numerous services and programs for senior citizens, immigrants/refugees, the disabled, the homeless, and others.
Contact: (613) 580-2400

Housing Help (Ottawa)
Assists homeless families and individuals living in shelters in finding find affordable housing.
Contact: (613) 563-4532

National Anti-Poverty Organization
Works to ensure that the concerns of low-income people in Canada are heard and respected.
Contact: (613) 789-0096

Rideau Street Youth Enterprises
Creating opportunities for street and at-risk youth to develop the practical skills and experience they need to enter (or re-enter) the work force, and to become active, contributing members of the local community.
Contact: (613) 562-3864

Salvation Army
Offers rehabilitation to men suffering from drug and alcohol addiction through a residential twelve-step recovery program and other addiction services; assists men who are homeless or living in poverty in achieving a substance abuse free lifestyle.
Contact: (613) 241-1573

Toronto 211
Your connection to information about community, social, health and government services.

The Out Of The Cold program
Provides emergency food and overnight shelter during winter months.

Youth Link Inner City
Provides drop-in and outreach services to street involved and homeless youth.

Working arts for street involved and homeless youth.

The Meeting Place
Offers drop-in services to homeless and underhoused adults.

Toronto Disaster Relief Committee
Political advocacy group working to end homelessness with a national housing strategy, and to relieve suffering of homeless people by advocating for better emergency relief measures in Toronto, including increased shelter space and public health services * no individual case work

Ontario Coalition Against Poverty
Direct action anti-poverty organization * campaigns against regressive government policies * advocates for individuals facing eviction, termination of social assistance, deportation

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Saskatchewan Homeless



Waterston Centre
Provides temporary shelter for men. Different support services are available. Food is also available for those in need twice a week. Contact: (306) 569-6088

YWCA of Regina
Provides emergency shelter, affordable long-term accommodation, childcare and fitness programs, violence interventions.
Contact: (306) 525-2141 x119

Women's Shelter's

Gemma House
Provides a safe, stable residential setting for female youth.
Contact: Tel: (306) 586-5388

Regina Transition House
Offers short-term shelter and several services including transportation to school and appointments. Also provides public education programs.
Contact: 306-757-2096


Regina Food Bank
Offers food hampers, clothing and furniture. Educational programs are also available.
Contact: (306) 791-6533


Regina Anti-Poverty Ministry
A social justice agency that operates in downtown Regina. RAPM's work can be identified in three areas: 1) individual advocacy, where the needs of individuals in conflict with the system are supported, 2) public education, where conferences and workshops are combined with academic research to raise awareness within the general public on poverty issues, and 3) systemic advocacy, where deficiencies within the system are identified and addressed by campaigns and presentations to the governing bodies.
2330 Victoria Avenue, Regina, SK, S4P 0S6
Tel: (306) 352-6386
Bonnie Morton
Tel: (306) 352-6386


Salvation Army Community Centre.
The shelter can provide one night of free accommodation in an emergency and provide meals in the morning. They also have a program where someone can get 12 free meals each calendar month provided that they have I.D.
339 Avenue C South, S7M 1N5
(306) 242-6833

The Friendship Inn
Offers breakfast and lunch

The Bridge on 20th
Soup Kitchen Monday - Thursday 12-1:30 pm, Saturday 12-3pm

Saskatoon Food Bank

Youth center meal for youth 530pm monday-saturday

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Yukon Homeless

Here is a list of resources for homeless people in the Yukon Territory

Women's Shelters

Dawson City Women's Shelter
Provides confidential shelter, support, and advocacy to women and children in crisis on a twenty-four hour basis. The home also provides emergency shelter to transient women and their children, and acts as an emergency foster home for the Dept. of Health and Social Services. Outreach services include home visits, Youth Centre activities, and a weekly childcare drop-in program.
Contact: (867) 993-5086

Kaushee's Place Yukon Women's Transition Home
Offers support, shelter and advocacy to women and their children who have experienced abuse. Women and children can stay for up to 30 days, free of charge.
Contact (867) 633-7720

Medical Services

Alcohol & Drug Services
Assisting individuals and communities in reducing the harmful effects of alcohol and other drugs by providing quality addictions services.
Contact: 867-667-5777

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